Financial Domination


Financial Domination is the ultimate way for a submissive to serve. It is the ultimate way for a submissive to be controlled. Period.

Those who criticize financial domination do not understand this: it truly is the PINNACLE of what it means to be dominated completely.

Think about it. Money represents freedom in our current society. I can put you in a cage. I can lock you in My closet. I can bind your hands, feet, cover your eyes. I can put you in a chastity device so you can not experience sexual pleasure until I say so… But ultimately these situations are temporary and eventually these things have to be removed. There’s only one restraint that can be tied to you everywhere you go, no matter what you do, that can bind you at all times. And that’s the restraint of Financial Domination.


Imagine being so incredibly intoxicated with your Goddess that you wish nothing more than to fulfill Her every need and want…

You see Me and you just can’t help it. My radiant beauty is too much to handle. You want so badly to please Me, for Me to notice you. You know the only way to do this is to pay tribute. Overcome with desire, you get on your knees at My feet and hand over your wallet. You surrender to being controlled. You give in to your desire to worship Me.

It is the duty of all slaves to make sure their Mistress is well taken care of, but financial slaves are those that go above and beyond to please their Goddess in the best way possible – with their hard earned cash. Those are the ones that earn a special place in My heart. If you truly want to pleasure Me, the best and frankly, the ONLY way to do so is with your money.

If it is your wish to belong to a Goddess, Financial Domination is the best possible way to do that.

Let Me make one thing clear: the ONLY thing that matters to Me is that you pay tribute.

I get so many messages from pathetic wanna-be douche bags talking about how they’re “fit” and “good looking” and “white” (seriously, always with the whiteness) as if that makes them better than anyone. Then they whine about the prices of My sessions. Is that a joke?

You wanna be better? You wanna be worthy? Then you better have that cash. I DO NOT CARE if you’re a ripped, hot 20 something or a chubby balding virgin. Looks, or anything else for that matter, do not determine your worthiness to serve. The amount of tribute you pay to Me does.

Are you willing to go above and beyond for your Goddess?
Fill out the Financial Submissive Application and I’ll decide if you’re worthy…

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